Social networking sites are some of the best places to get free reviews. People there are talking about other people all the time. Of course, they take a bit more legwork than other sites because you will need to participate in the community and establish a presence before you can ask other people for reviews. A different way would be to have something to review, other then your great personality and back linked website.

Whether you are selling art, as in, or just trying to get your site linked up on and reviewed, it will create some nice backlinks back to your main site. You can even submit reviews to places that are constantly looking for reviews for new products – even if it’s not one you are selling!

If you are one of the first people to review a product, you will be at the top of the heap and that backlink will generate good traffic as well as help your PR. If you have a unique product you are trying to sell, g this product for a review?

If it happens to fit in an envelope, think about mass mailing it to webmasters in your niche and requesting a review of your product. Even better, offer the product up for sale on places that allow you to link back to your site, like

There are sites that review websites as part of their sole purpose in life. You can submit your website to be reviewed and get a valuable backlink. The only problem here is that you are not guaranteeing a positive review. If they think your layout sucks, they’ll probably say so. So, you might get a one-way backlink, but it might not be favorable. That’s the risk you take in submitting to the website domain review sites.

Blogs are also a great source of free reviews, but you will most likely have to exchange with the blogger for a review of their own too. There are several ways to do this and you will have to give tit for tat with most bloggers.

So, you will probably have to establish your own blog under your domain in order to take advantage of the social networking within blog communities. However, a blog is an excellent way to generate free backlinks.