VIP InfoServices is an information company established in 1988. We provide insight into products and services as well as custom software/web development.

02-2021 – We are re-purposing this site to provide a curated selection of practical self-help e-books on a variety of subjects as well as product reviews and ad-free news.


About the founder

Web developer, SEO/internet marketing consultant analyst/programmer, software developer.

ingvar_grimsmoMy name is Ingvar Grimsmo and I have been in the tech/marketing game since the early 70’s. I live in Grimsby, Ontario.

These days I am busy supporting clients with SEO/Web Design services in addition to supporting and developing custom software.

I thought I’d write a narrative of some of my activities instead of a “resume”. Because I have done so many different projects for many clients since I went out on my own.

My corporate career include senior sales and marketing positions with 3M, NCR, VTech and Wang.

Since 1988 I have been on my own and have completed a myriad of interesting and challenging projects. To illustrate, this is by far the biggest task I have undertaking, and it is on-going.

Agricultural Vertical.
Oxbo International, Byron NY – a manufacturer of specialized farm equipment (harvesters).

Back in 2000 I lived in Lynden, WA and was contracted by Korvan which was a manufacturer of harvesters and had a network of dealers. Their challenge was two-fold, they had no warranty tracking system and wanted to implement a detailed time-clock system for the shop floor to track worker efficiency. They could not find anything on the open market meeting their needs.

After spending quality time analyzing how things worked, I developed an on-line dealer-warranty system and a shop time-clock system. The worker logs in, and enters a work order and the part he/she is working on. On the back-end a comprehensive data mining system provides summary and detailed reports of the efficiency of the production. It also uses data from the QED manufacturing system to set base-lines.

A few years later Oxbo International bought Korvan and decided the systems were of great use to the larger organization so I stayed on and expanded the system. It runs in three locations now and provide detailed data mining of parts efficiencies and dealer warranty records.

Update – April 2015.
Last year we started to migrate the timecard and warranty claim systems between three locations to a cloud based, .NET system. This is now nearly complete and running great.

Since 1999 I have been active creating, supporting and providing hosting and SEO services for several verticals, in particular lawyers.

Back to my history.

When I left VTech in May, 1988 I was a National Dealer Marketing Director for their PC business. Those were the days we could wholesale PC’s for 40% margin. The good days. I supported hundreds of dealers all across the country. Learned a few things about managing a dealer network!

After VTech I decided to go solo. My first contract was with Warner Lambert (the Listerine people). I was tasked with analyzing needs and spec out a document imaging system for their regulatory department. I completed that assignment successfully in about 8 months.

It was about that time I really started to learn programming. Then the opportunity came to move to the U.S. and I ended up in Lowville, NY. Where I set up a custom software development business which started with the Lewis County Sheriff’s department.

Initially I designed and developed several law enforcement applications such as call/incident tracking, pistol permits and drug intelligence database. These applications were sold to, and installed to dozens of law enforcement agencies thruout the state of NY and PA. I also developed custom apps for the Water Department, Highway Maintenance and the Fire department in Lewis County, NY.

I also was hired by the NY Sheriff’s Association to develop and deliver courses on Computer Crime to every sheriff’s department in NY. After moving to the west coast, I continued giving seminars on computer crime to law enforcement agencies.

While in NY I developed a multitude of custom applications:

A manufactures of gaskets for the automobile industry struggled with job scheduling and performance tracking, spending too much manpower manually scheduling the jobs and analyzing yields. I wrote a program that automated the scheduling, captured the time and material and produced management reports.

A retailer of propane and fuel products had an old retail management system and wanted a custom one to allow for automatic scheduling of fuel deliveries which took in weather and previous delivery stats. Sort of an AI for the fuel delivery business. Took a while and lots of thinking to figure it out, but worked like a charm.

A beer distributor needed a new order/inventory tracking syste. I built them one from scratch to meet their needs.

A professional fireworks vendor and show organizer needed a very custom CRM (Customer Relation Management) and order tracking system.

A service bureau for the construction industry wanted software to capture bids and other business opportunities to provide to their dealers. This was created in 1999 and still runs their business.

A wholesaler for dry-cleaning supplies had a system developed for them, but the developer left them hanging. So I took over and we ended up with a very comprehensive custom system for managing dealers and also a pretty creative map/routing for the delivery trucks.

There are a lot more projects. I have developed dozens of high-end websites for lawyers and other verticals.

Oh, BTW – I am an active nature photographer as well.