Summary of services offered

Over the past 28 years I have, with the help of my virtual team worked hundreds, if not over a thousand plus web projects.
Ranging from creating lead-producing websites from scratch, to on-demand maintenance of existing sites. I have clients today that came to me in 2001 with site upgrade requests. One thing I have learned is this: Every Project is Different. As I see it, cookie-cutter websites based on templates and hosted on shared platforms are usually not successful on getting ranked on search engines. Uniqueness is what counts. So to make a list of services is difficult – there will always be unique client needs. The point here is that it is very important to dig deep and understand each and every client’s particular business and needs. These are the top challenges we see.

Starting from scratch.
You have an up and running business but no website. We look at your business, who your customers are and create a site custom to your needs. How much does that cost you ask? New sites range from $750 to several thousand dollars. A small 2-3 person landscaping business doesn’t need a $2,000+ site. A straight forward “what we do and why choose us” is all that is needed. A prominent law firm (we serve many) might need a bigger budget.  Point is to make the site so visitors are comfortable working with you – and the site shows up on the first page of Google. Not easy but doable pending on the competition.

You have a website but it is old.
We see lots of these projects. Site was developed years ago and is static and outdated. We take the existing content and use it to create a new site meeting today’s browser needs and visitor’s expectations.

Your site is NOT mobile friendly.
This is right on top of the list for existing sites. A recent study shows that nearly 60 percent of all Online Searches are now carried out on a mobile device, with some sectors (Food and Beverage) reaching 72 percent. That means that if your site is unreadable on a mobile you might be losing 60% of potential leads. MORE INFO

Site is nowhere to be seen on Google.
This problem is probably the most pressing – and also the most difficult to solve. In the “old” days it was easy to get ranked on Google. 8-10 years ago Google made drastic changes to their algorithms and wanted to show only highly qualified sites on their search results. Today it is a real challenge to get a site up on the first page. It all depends on basically two things: Competition and Quality of the site. We have extensive knowledge, tools and experience to analyze keywords that might have a chance to rank. And yes, for very competitive niches it is impossible to compete with the massive corporate sites. One tactic we use a lot is the concept of razor sharp niches.

Splitting a website into one or many niche specific mini-sites.
Google loves a site that is very specific and thus easy to see what the site is about. The solution is two-fold: make sure the individual niches have their own page(s) and/or split the site up into mini-sites. This tactic can only be implemented once we take a serious look at your site and niche.

Website Hosting
We are not a hosting provider per se. We lease a high-end dedicated server and host most, if not all client sites for basically cost. The reason is, that when we work on a site, there might be hosting issues that need resolving. We often see old sites hosted on older entry lever hosting plans that will not manage a new site requiring more capacity. When you become a client of us we will develop the new site on our server and discuss hosting choices when the site is ready to go live.

Website issues? Email me!