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How to get more qualified leads from your website

If you depend on generating leads from your website, this might just be the ticket to getting more qualified leads.

SEO MonitoringI have for many years used top tier tools to analyze and create SEO strategies. It takes a bit of work to analyze the raw stats, but has helped to increase keyword rankings dramatically for the sites I have on the system. I am now confident it works well, and is worth the effort. I do this for a few elder law clients and it works. I believe that this can be very useful to any website.

As a result I am now offering advanced SEO analysis and consulting services.

Once set up, I run your site through my exclusive SEO analysis program on a monthly basis and report these stats:

    This is the key to this program.
    Implement these strategies and see keyword rankings improve. We analyze your site and determine what are the top SEO opportunities you can work on to improve your rankings and traffic. It works. This can be shared with your web developer, or we can implement the strategies.
    A summary of how your tracked keywords are ranking in Google. This will tell you how your optimizations are working.
    The total estimated organic traffic your site received.
    Your overall SEO score based on an analysis of all pages on your site.
    The monitoring of backlinks is very important since Google depend on links from other sites to rank your site.
    I will, each month, visit your site and in addition to reporting as listed above let you know what I think of your site. I have done this for many clients, and frankly, sometimes the site is A-OK in my opinion. In other cases, I might suggest potential improvements.

Doing this on a monthly basis will improve your traffic and rankings over time.

The cost? Setup Fee: $175 + $145 USD/Month. Or $1,495/year prepaid no setup fee. (20% discount)

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What Are the Most Important SEO Ranking Factors?

    • A Secure and Accessible Website
    • Page Speed (Including Mobile Page Speed)
    • Mobile Friendliness
    • Domain Age, URL, and Authority
    • Optimized Content
    • Technical SEO
    • User Experience
    • Links
    • Social Signals
    • Real Business Information