We have, over the years accumulated dozens of law related domains. Most have content on them, and all are indexed by search engines. Most of these sites are used as link providers to client and internal websites. They all receive some focused traffic, and with a properly formatted and SEO’d site they should do well in searches for the domain key words. Most are aged 2-10 years which is a big plus for search engines.

It is time to reduce inventory. Here is a list of selected domains for sale, please inquire if you are interested. We feel that most, if not all of these domains should belong to law firms – OR – entities providing services to law firms. We will sell to end users only. We will therefore only entertain queries from verified law/service firms. In addition, we are experienced in setting up law firm sites, and have a substantial inventory of sites that we can link to your site from. In other words, we can create a mini-site on the domain you choose to drive additional traffic to your main site. As an example, this is a domain we delivered a while ago with a mini-site driving traffic to the main site.

As for the cost, we have sold several similar domains for between $950 and $1,250 domain only. We can set up a mini-site for around $950. This includes links already pointing to the domain you choose.

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