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Backlinks are a major factor when search engines rank your store.

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What are backlinks?

Backlinks, also known as inbound links or incoming links, are links from one website to another. They are essential components of search engine optimization (SEO) and play a significant role in how search engines like Google rank websites in their search results. Here’s how backlinks work and why they are important


How backlinks can help your FreshStore rank better


Quality inbound links = faster indexing and better rankings.
You might know this, but Google, Bing and other search engines (SEs) put a very high importance on links from other sites to your store. Why? because without links from other sites – all they base the site’s quality on is the sitemap and each page they scan and evaluate. Inbound links tell the SEs that other ranked sites “recommend” your site. What is the difference between INDEXING and RANKING a page?

Before I move on..who am I to know so much about this you ask?
I am Ingvar Grimsmo. Here’s a short summary of my affiliate website journey. I have been in the web marketing business since the www was released in 1993. Developing sites for clients and myself. When Clickbank and AdSense were released around 2003 I jumped on the affiliate bandwagon. I set up over 100 sites and cashed in on commissions. Those were the easy days. Not so much these days. Fast forward to around 2015 when I sold the bulk of my affiliate sites for a tidy sum with six digits in the amount. Tip: profitable sites sell for 30 times or more of monthly profits. Since then I have been busy with clients but kept a few sites as a “hobby”. Now I am back in the affiliate business. It’s addictive!

My FreshStore journey.
Years ago I ran several stores under Carey’s old platforms. And did earn commissions, but did not spend the time to properly develop the sites. And again – I was busy with other things. So I cancelled those stores and moved on to creating WordPress affiliate stores. Which I still do. Some make it, others don’t. Yet. Ranking these days is way more challenging than in the “old days”. When the new and improved FreshStore came out I could see right away that this was a game changer. So I signed up for a bunch of stores back in November and I have been adding stores since.

The big question you might be asking: What is your secret recipe to making profitable sites?
Aside from site design – two things: extensive keyword research and yes – this is why you are here – a proper link strategy. NOTE: I am not claiming to be a guru, and I am NOT selling a “course”. However, over the years I have learned a few things that work, and many things that don’t.

Basic link strategy rules:

Don’t flood the site with too many links at once. Especially not new stores.
Yes you can buy dozens of cheap links for $60-70. I have, and they all backfired. They are from sites that are set up for links with fake blogs and just useless content. Best strategy is to trickle feed links over time. In my experience, first link group should be no more than 5-8 links. Then add a couple of links every 1-2 weeks. Make it natural – as in other sites are discovering you over time and recommend you.

Do not reciprocate links.
Many link sellers will pitch you “I give you a link and you give me one”. They cancel each other out. Simple as that. Sure, if you have more than one store you can cross-link them, the links may work – but they won’t carry much weight. I actually do this for a group of stores. Analyzing the results – yes, most links got included but I am not sure about the strength of the links from new sites.

Links should come from established, indexed and ranked sites.
This is more difficult to achieve. I have looked into many so called “high end” link sellers, and often they offer links at hundreds of dollars each from – in my opinion – shoddy sites. The age of the site (domain) does have an impact. I have sites from 1998 (like this one) that I provide links from. SEs will see that and consider them credible.

What are the best backlinks?
There are basically two types:

Straight links
Works very well, most common especially if they are on the home page. These are FreshStore links on this site’s home page. This is how your link(s) will be shown.

FreshStore links

Custom blog post with link embedded in text.
This it by far the best backlinks. SEs love content, and links relating to that content carries a lot of credibility and will most likely be added to the site. Like this:

About Higonokami Knives

What can I expect from buying custom links/blog posts?
First, you need to accept that a good backlink strategy will take time. When you set up a store, you feed the sitemap to Google Search Console (GSC) and Bing Webmaster (BW) and hope for the best. They will most likely index your homepage within days. Although I have seen some stores that haven’t been indexed at all for weeks. Then you do a URL inspection. They then scan the site and evaluate the content. Followed by a slow index of individual pages/posts/articles. All they have to base their rankings on is the content.

Enter credible backlinks. Now they all of a sudden see that other, credible sites recommend your store and this peaks their interest. So over say 6-8 weeks links trickle in, increasing the SEs interest, and they will scan your site more frequently and index pages faster. At least that is the theory. You also need to know that we really have no actual control over their algorithm. All we can do is to feed them what they are looking for. Great content and backlinks. NOTE: This is a world-wide thing.

Will all the backlinks I acquire show up?
Probably not. They pick and choose whatever they consider credible and valid backlinks. Which is good actually – because the ones they pick carry a lot of ranking weight. We call it “Link Juice”. And in my experience, links will work on one site but not on another. So it is a numbers game. Simply stated – if you get 30 links/blog posts over time and 10 are accepted, you are doing well, because those 10 are considered “worthy” for inclusion.

Here comes the pitch:

Based on my own live link building campaigns over many years for my own sites, I have created a basic strategy that has overall had the most impact over 2-3 months. YES, this takes time. There is no magic here.

Here’s my proposal exclusively for FreshStore owners:

A 6 week schedule of 4 links and 1 custom blog post weekly = 24 links and 6 blog posts.

This will result in the SEs to index your site quicker and more frequently increasing your chances of better rankings. No guarantees, but this has worked well for me for many years.

This is a manual operation. I will look at your site and pick the sites that I feel would be best for linking to your store. Once this is completed, I will review your site (I have site analysis tools) and see how it is doing. I may then propose a more aggressive, long term strategy.

The cost?
One-time up front fee for this service: $95USD.

If you have multiple stores, EMAIL ME and we can discuss a solution.

Introductory special: $65 until February 10, 2024.

You will get a confirmation and I will keep you updated via email.

NOTE: I am not in the link-selling business. I do custom link services for my clients only. I value my sites, and do not want links pointing to low quality sites. I have found that FreshStores are of high quality and I have had good results from my own back-linking to my stores. So I want to offer you a solid link building plan from my own inventory of aged and ranked sites. As well as from some of my stores – which are also indexed and ranked. Even the recent ones. I will try to answer all your questions here, but if you need more info – EMAIL ME

Feel free to let me know when you see some fresh links in Google Search Console.

That’s it!

I wish you all the best and if you have any questions, please either ask on the FaceBook page or EMAIL ME

Best Regards,