What People Want – Emotional Marketing Tactics

What People Want
Emotional Persuasion Tactics

Fresh Ideas on how to get more sales so you make more money. On or off the web. Or you just want to learn how to persuade others.

By Ingvar Grimsmo, owner of this site.

This will be as concise as I possibly can make it. I want to share with you the ideas that have added tons of sales for me. Without the hype and fluff. I don’t have the time to embellish, and  you have even less time – because you need to get out there and put these things in action. Several people have contacted me about this report and one comment is common:

“There  are lots of tips but it’s hard to know what to do with them.”

A real-life, personal journey in sales and persuasion crammed into a 61 page exclusive report.

Emotional Marketing Tactics - What People WantGood point, in fact this material  is easy to read and understand but difficult to implement. Read the book, write down the tips  you want to implement and then put them in action one at a time – it’s easier.

I found that over time, one after the other of these strategies creep into my day to day life as well as in business.

Tip: Don’t overdo it. You have to be congruent – feel what you write or say. Write down one concept on index cards and read one every day. That’s what I did and it worked.

This whole report is about one thing: getting people to do what you want them to.

You can be a Realtor, MLM marketer, sales person or simply someone that wants to have more influence over others. This is how it’s done. Yes, you will recognize some of these thoughts, they are true and time tested.

Perhaps this is not a bulleted point-by-point how-to book. However, I know that if you grasp these concepts and put them into action – you will increase your “close ratio” in whatever you do. I do have to say though – you need an open mind.

Selling is being face to face with someone willing and able to buy.

How can you be one-on-one on the internet? Simple. Your name, picture, personal history and your personalized, emotional verbiage will work just fine. I will also tell you that I am writing this as I am thinking. I have an outline, but the best ideas just come out. There WILL BE spelling/grammar mistakes. This is not intended to be a masterpiece of perfect writing.