MMA Training Masterclass

In the last few years there’s been a huge focus within weight training and fat loss circles on the need to build “functional fitness.”

Unlike the days of old, when some bodybuilders had a hard time putting on their own sneakers (believe me it’s true, I’ve seen it!) and when people lost lots of weight and ended up looking okay, but were terribly weak and unhealthy, the new emphasis has been on looking great AND being able to function like an athlete.

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This is an awesome trend.

Who doesn’t want to be the total package, super hero style? I know I do! You should too! Once we set this as a goal we have a few options in getting to this winning place. The most common is to throw down with something like CrossFit or even P90X. The results can be great, but are often much less than spectacular. In most cases, they are far from the total package. MMA Training Masterclass –Train Like An MMA Superstar

A better option is laid out for you in this Guide. The idea is solid gold – take the methods of the most FUNCTIONALLY FIT athletes on Earth, the mixed martial artist, and adapt them to getting ourselves into the best shape in the least time possible. I’ve done it myself and trained a ton of others in the same method. It works. Follow the instructions, give it your all and in ninety days you may not recognize yourself in the mirror. Yes, it’s time to Get Fighting Fit!

Sick of training your butt off with no results?

Imagine Training Like An MMA Superstar And Getting The Body Of Your Dreams! In Your Own Home And In Only Minutes Per Day!

Read On To Discover How To Get In The Shape Of Your Life By Following The Training Routines Of An MMA Fighter

Table of Contents



  1. Powerful Pushups – Building a Chest Like Georges St Pierre
  2. Mastering the Pull Up – The King of MMA Upper Body Exercises
  3. Legs of Steel – Lessons from the Labs of Mixed Martial Arts
  4. Combat Core – Why Your Abs are the Most Important Part of Your Physique
  5. Pressing Your Way to Power – Cannon Ball Shoulders MMA Style
  6. Arms that Won’t Quit
  7. Building a Fighter’s Heart – Cardio Strategies from the UFC
  8. Diet Tips to Help You Look Like You’re Ready for the Octagon
  9. The Mindset it Takes to Make this Program Work

Conclusion – Take Action – The Training Camp Starts Today!