Investing in Real Estate Collection

Interested in Real Estate Investing?

Here is a curated collection of eBooks and articles to help you on your way to become a profitable real estate investor.

This collection contains 8 informative eBooks and one PDF with 25 real estate articles. Full of tips and real information. You would have to spend quite some time on the web to ferret out this useful information.

The eBook titles are:

  • Creating Residual Income Opportunities in Real Estate
  • Making Profits Through Real Estate For Newbies
  • Real Estate Investing for Beginners
  • Real Estate Investment Secrets
  • Real Estate Tycoon Tips
  • Rich Landlord or Poor Landlord

Real estate investing and general real estate articles:

  1. Are You Committed to Your Real Estate Investment?
  2. Benefits of Flipping Real Estate
  3. Buying Real Estate for Your Family
  4. Buying Real Estate Foreclosures
  5. Common Risks Faced by Property “Flippers”
  6. Common Risks Involved in Real Estate Investments
  7. Curb Appeal Matters When Selling Real Estate
  8. Does Staging Sell Real Estate?
  9. Finding the Right Realtor for Your Real Estate Needs
  10. Flipping Houses for Fast Real Estate Profit
  11. Flipping Houses for Fun and Profit
  12. Has Television Changed the Face of Real Estate Investing?
  13. How to Find a Good Real Estate Investment Property
  14. Is an Inspection Really Necessary?
  15. Is Real Estate Investing for You?
  16. Lease to Own Real Estate
  17. Mortgage Advice for Residential Real Estate
  18. Real Estate Investing for the First Timer
  19. Real Estate Investing
  20. Real Estate Investors Offer Perks to Retain Tenants
  21. Selling Real Estate in a Sluggish Market
  22. The Flip side of Flipping Houses
  23. Things to Avoid When Flipping Real Estate
  24. Things to Look for When Buying Personal Real Estate
  25. What is Pre-Construction Real Estate Investing?