Binge Proof Lifestyle

Everyone eats to survive, but the type and quality of the food you eat have a tremendous impact on every aspect of your life, not only your physical and mental health.

It’s also a major factor in determining a person’s life expectancy and whether you are likely to contract a major chronic illness, in this – the age of mass- produced highly processed junk food.

With all the chemicals present in today’s food and also the increasing rate of inner emotional crisis in modern society, there’s no doubt that more and more people are getting sick. People today get sick not only physically, but also psychologically. More people are suffering from problems such as depression, anxiety, frustration, anger issues, and low self-esteem. They’re always looking for ways to escape their problems and fill that empty void in their hearts. And one of the most common ones is through destructive eating behavior – binge-eating.

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Contrary to popular beliefs, binge-eating or overeating is not entirely the result of inner emotional and psychological issues.

Reasons such as habits, eating patterns, body image, environmental factors and many others can trigger binge-eating. Above all, most people overeat simply because they have the urges to binge. So what is the science behind overeating or binge-eating, the dangers that come with it, and how do you put an end to overeating and take control of your health once and for all?

Soon you’ll discover everything you need to know about Overeating and Binge-Eating Disorder.

Table of Content


Chapter 1: Terrifying Facts Food Companies Don’t Want You To Know

  • The Lack of Self-Sufficient Food Source
  • Lack of Nutritional Education
  • The Monopoly of Food Manufacturers

Chapter 2: The Science Behind Overeating

  • The Brain of an Overeater
  • Distortion of The Natural Cycle

Chapter 3: The Signs of a Binge Eating Disorder or Compulsive Overeating

  • Typical Signs of Binge-Eating Disorder
  • Emotional & Behavioral Signs
  • Possible Health Complications
  • 3 Therapies To Stop Binge-Eating

Chapter 4: The Reasons you’re out of Control Around Food

  • Dark History of A Binge-Eater
  • Why Do We Binge?
  • The Physiology of A Binge-Eater

Chapter 5: Dangers of Overeating

  • Dangers of Excessive Protein
  • Dangers of Excessive Sugar
  • General Health Risks of Binge-Eating Disorder

Chapter 6: 10 Types of Overeating

Chapter 7: Strategies to Prevent Overeating

  • Information Equals Power
  • Taking One Step Back, Two Steps Forward
  • Anti-Binge Diet Strategy
  • Binge-Proof Hormones
  • The Leptin Feedback Loop
  • Avoid Junk Food (Before You Lose Control)

Chapter 8: Overcoming an Overeating Disorder

  • Strategies To Control What You Eat & When You Eat
  • Mindful Eating
  • Mindset Hacks To Stop Overeating