VIP InfoServices is a media company established in 1988.

We provide custom software development and web services
to a variety of verticals – particularly manufacturing and law firms.

We are a small firm providing personalized services to our clients.

A few projects we are currently working on:

Major Agriculture Manufacturing Company

A customized time clock and warranty claim systems for a major agricultural company with multiple locations. We have worked with this client since 2000 and currently provide version updates and feature improvements. The project started as a desktop application, but we have since re-designed in a .NET/MS SQL dedicated server cloud environment to facilitate all plants to capture and share data. Time clock data from each machine operation is analyzed and also generate payroll files passed on to the payroll processing company. The company’s dealers use the warranty system to claim warranty repair rebates, and the warranty manager uses it to analyze mean part failures and the system generates a multitude of reports.

NJ Based Law Firm

In 2000 we developed a custom application to manage estate planning clients and calculate Medicare benefits. We are now updating this app, adding new features. They use this app daily to simplify the estate planning process.

US Based Law Firms

We design and manage custom websites for US law firms. We provide hosting and SEO services to assist in acquiring new clients from web searches.

With a multitude of successful projects since 1988 we are proud of our depth of experience.

This helps us analyze client needs and providing cost-effective solutions that work.







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